Welcome to the Discrimination Reporting Network (DRN) Platform of the UniDiversity Project, which aims to monitor discrimination incidents based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics (SOGISC) and against the LGBTI+ community.

This platform offers an opportunity for members of the academic community to report discriminatory incidents based on SOGISC, that they or someone they have wittnessed, has experienced in the academic environment and by members of the academic community. The collection of those incidents is anonymous and confidential and will only be used for research purposes by dedicated staff of the participating Universities. The data that will be collected will be analysed and will enrich the research findings of the project by offering an inside look in the discriminatory incidents within the academic community from people who experienced such incidents or became witnesses to one/some.

Specifically, the platform:


enables the collection of accurate, reliable and well-targeted data

regarding the incidents of discriminatory behaviour, mistreatment or abusive behaviour within the academic environment


records information about its manifestation in the university environment

including information about the type of incidents (psychological, verbal, physical, etc), the perpetrator (permanent staff, students, etc), the victim and the perceived reason for the incidents (SOGISC, etc), the location (online, toilets, class, etc), the frequency as well as the impact it had on the individual at a personal, social, academic;


allows the identification of gaps and needs

for intervention and change;


will provide reliable statistics

for future policy reform.

This project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).

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