Report an anti-LGBTI+ Discriminatory Incident

Data Handling and Consent

In this space you can anonymously and safely record a discriminatory behavior, abusive behavior or incident of maltreatment, that you have experienced or have been a witness of. Discrimination is defined as the unjust or prejudicial treatment of a person on the grounds of one or more (real or considered as real) characteristics such as sexual orientation, gender, belief, etc. In other words, given that the person did not have (or was considered as not having) the specific characteristic, their treatment by others would be more favourable.

In the case that you would like to record more than one incident, please submit the form separately for each incident providing the relevant information for each one.

The monitoring will allow the recognition and identification of the overall discriminatory incidents that take place in the academic environment. You will be asked to record demographic information about you, information about the type of the incident, the perpetrator, the victim (in the case that this is not you), the perceived reason for the specific incident and the location of the incident.

The data recorded in the present network is recorded anonymously and will be used only by dedicated researchers of the laboratory METHEXI of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences for the mapping of the situation regarding discriminatory, abusive or maltreatment incidents in the academic environment in Greece. The ultimate goal is - through the investigation of the extent, forms and characteristics of the phenomenon of discrimination in the academic environment of our country - to identify the gaps and needs for intervention and change, to propose working solutions and to provide reliable statistics that could target effective policy reform.